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                                                       Early Inspiration
Growing up in the suburbs of Long Island during the 60's was a roller coaster ride for my generation.

As a young songwriter / musician and painter I grew up in the decade of love vs hate.
The music and art scene was a reflection of the times, as Bob Dylan was singing our lives with his words and "The Summer Of Love" would close out the 60's with a 3 day music festival in Woodstock.


Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, etc...would change the way we looked at Campbell Soup cans, street art, bright neon colors and comic books. As the world was in chaos we still managed to see the beauty in the amazing creativity of these artists and musicians. Through all the political turmoil, riots in our streets, the war in Vietnam and the back to back assassinations of some of the greatest men of our time, my generation broke on through to the other side because of the inspiring art and poetic music that guided our innocent souls. We were known as the "psychedelic generation" but we were destined to make history. 

I am inspired by those turbulent times they call "The Wonder Years". I feel blessed I cut my teeth during these past decades. Through my
OP ART I am reflecting on a time that's gone by, the good, the bad and the ugly. As I follow my heart back to my inspired roots as a POP ARTIST, I am pouring out all the raw emotions straight into my art. You could say that I am capturing time and capsulizing it onto my canvas.

                                                 Frankie Vinci  - aka  Zig ScVngr                                


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